Our AGM/party last night was entertaining, inspiring, promising and delicious. Huge thanks to Trish Belsham, Gernot Dick, Karen Love, DJ Deadly Soundz, Papa Josh, Vanessa Stark, Kiran Pal-Pross, Wim Tewinkel, Ashley Ferron at The Prospect Pub, everyone who attended, and most of all, Marnie Simon, for her hard work in 2015 and for organizing the event.

We welcome our Board of Directors:

  • Marnie Simon (returning President)
  • Trish Belsham (returning Vice President)
  • Judy Bourhis (Secretary)
  • Jen Fisher (Treasurer)
  • Karen Love (returning Director at Large)
  • Ann Crowley (Director at Large)
  • Bill Reynolds (Director at Large)
  • Naheed Henderson (Director at Large)

and our new Executive Director:

  • Kiran Pal-Pross

Arts Night Out continues as a monthly gathering for art lovers every third Monday of the month at The Prospect Pub in Pemberton from 8-10 pm. Please join us!