Pemberton Artists:

  • Cheryl Hooson

    Cheryl Hooson

    Painting, Visual Arts

    Born in Victoria, BC, in the mid-1900s. She is self-taught artist. She is a member of the Pemberton Arts &...

  • Dave Steers

    Dave Steers


    I’ve been in love with photography for most of my life. My brother and I had a darkroom in our...

  • Vanessa Stark

    Vanessa Stark

    Painting, Pemberton Art Council Artists, Visual Arts

    Pemberton artist Vanessa ‘Nes’ Stark was born during a mid-winter snowstorm on Canada’s West Coast. She followed her love of snowboarding...

  • Kalmia Hockin

    Kalmia Hockin

    Artisan, Costume Design, Pemberton Art Council Artists, Textile Arts

    I’m a dabbler aficionado (in love with many, proficient at very few); I’m one of those people whose brush swipes...

  • Simon Bedford

    Simon Bedford

    Pemberton Art Council Artists, Photography

    I am a semi-retired photographer and cameraman from London England, and a 10 year Pemberton resident. When I arrived here...

  • Custom Fit Online

    Custom Fit Online

    Computer Arts, Multi-Media Arts, Pemberton Art Council Artists

    Custom Fit Online connects businesses and organizations to their target audiences. Our playground is the online world where we use...

  • Cindy Filipenko

    Cindy Filipenko

    Literary Arts, Pemberton Art Council Artists

    Cindy Filipenko is known for her collaborative, quick and creative approach to written communications. For almost three decades, she has...

  • Katherine Fawcett

    Katherine Fawcett

    Literary Arts

    As a writer, I’m inspired by questions. What if? Why not? Where to? Who’s that? How so? and Who cares?...

  • Ingalora Dwyer

    Ingalora Dwyer

    Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Visual Arts

    Ingalora Dwyer Photographer, Creater,  Ingalora studied Photography in her native country Austria and Canada than continued with classes in Painting,...

  • Gretchen Frith

    Gretchen Frith


    I have enjoyed sketching, doodling and painting since I was in grade school in Alberta. Although I have not had formal training,...

  • Meg Gallup

    Meg Gallup

    Pottery, Sculpture

    I attended the University of Calgary Ceramics Dept. while acquiring my Bachelor of Arts degree.  I moved to British Columbia...

  • Magda Zofia

    Magda Zofia


    My every day is filled with naturous beauty and some of the most inspiring people on this side of the...

  • Kylie Millar

    Kylie Millar

    Painting, Visual Arts

    I am a mixed media artist and recent graduate of UBC Okanagan.  I’ve followed my passion for nature to the beautiful...

  • Greg Norgaard

    Greg Norgaard


    I like to think of myself as an “old school” photographer, having next to no computer skills my pictures are...

  • Michelle Klaui

    Michelle Klaui


    I began experimenting with the creation and design of jewelry at a young age in my family home on Galiano...

  • Wim Tewinkel

    Wim Tewinkel

    Photography, Visual Arts

    As an artist, both in photography and painting I want to create work that either creates a sense of well...

  • Judy Bourhis

    Judy Bourhis

    Stained Glass

    Now, after nearly thirty-five years, I still find it is all about the stained glass for me; this beautiful and...

  • Hiroko Takaya

    Hiroko Takaya

    Artisan, Basket Weaving, Sculpture

    I am a mother of two young boys, a passionate gardener, herbalist and basket weaver. I first came to Mount...

  • Trish Belsham

    Trish Belsham

    Dance & Theatre, Literary Arts

    I like to build structures for social change. Creations are co-creative collaborations, primarily with community. Trained as an interdisciplinary dance...

  • Mike Tyler

    Mike Tyler


    I am a self-taught Canadian artist.  Along my creative path my various styles have left their mark in and on some...

  • Lisa Ankeny

    Lisa Ankeny

    Visual Arts

    Artist Statement: I feel as if we all live in a world that is out of touch with what is...

  • David Moldofsky

    David Moldofsky

    Sculpture, Visual Arts

    Born in Toronto in the sixties on boxing day I was an outdoor boy from the get go.  My parents...