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ART WHISTLER - Anonymous Art Show Fundraiser

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 9:06 PM | Anonymous

Imagine a room full of artwork and you get to choose your favourite piece – you don’t know who’s painted it or if you’ll even get it in the end, but that’s all part of the fun. What? We hear you cry. Well, let us tell you…

We’ll be hosting a “Sneak Peek Party” on Tuesday, April 3 where people will be able to take a look at the Anonymous Art Show and pick out their favourite pieces until we host one of the most exciting buying events in art history on Friday, April 6. There will be three different ‘Ticket Tiers’; the 1st Tier will have the first crack at securing the artwork they want, the 2nd Tier, and then the 3rd Tier. The lower the ticket price the more risk you take for your favourite piece being snatched up by someone else, so you’ve got to be tactical. You might be looking out for a specific artist, browsing the varied options, or choosing one that goes with your maroon bathroom decor – who knows – it’s a mystery. 

Submit your artwork!

We’ll be giving $25 and a one-year Arts Whistler membership to every artist who gets involved. This is a great chance for the community to connect with the vibrant and amazing artists we showcase, so we’re asking for a bio from you so we can encourage them to view more of your work after they do, or don’t, walk away with a piece of your artwork from this crazy event. There will be local media buzz, we’re dedicating a webpage just to the featured artists, and there will be an interview of two so it’s another chance to get the word out about who you are and what your art is all about. Some of you are shy though, we know, so the anonymous thing will work great for you too.

Here’s the skinny on how you get involved… 

  • You fill out this short entry form by March 5, 2018
  • You create a piece of work that’s specifically 8” x 8” by 1.5” thick
    • It needs wire on the back so it can be hung up on the wall in the gallery
    • You place your signature on the BACK – we’ll make sure no one peeks!
    • And you don’t submit work that’s part of a series or it might be too obvious it’s you – doh. 
  • You drop off your artwork for the Maury Young Arts Centre between 10am – 5pm on March 5, 2018
  • We buy you a beer at the Sneak Peek Party on Tuesday, April 3 from 5:30pm-7:30pm where you can mix and mingle with the other artists and check out all the incredible talent on the walls
  • You tell your friends and family to buy a ticket for the Anonymous Art Show on Friday, April 6 – doors open at 7pm. And you dare them to guess which piece is yours…
  • You have taken part in the madness, the mystery, and the mayhem that is the Anonymous Art Show and helped students and community groups continue their own art paths. 

Any questions? Give us a shout info@artswhistler.com


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